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            Walk Light Books is dedicated to sharing stories with your family that will inspire and enrich the unity of your fellowship. We want to help strengthen the bond of the Christ-centered home life with the stories we tell. I began homeschooling out of a single act of obedience to God's voice. As our children were getting older, my husband and I began to discuss (more like mull over) where our children would be taught. When my oldest son turned 4, we enrolled him into a Volunteer Pre-K program and shuffled our schedules around so that we could both work. Toward the end of the school year, in my private prayer time, God showed me that His will for our family was for me to stay home and educate my own children. 

             I wanted to protest for lack of teaching experience but He made it clear that teaching our children would require me to depend on Him. I followed His plan and began the home education process. It has been four years since we began our journey. Through the ups and downs, the time I share with my children has been invaluable. We are growing and learning together. Not just textbooks but character development. I firmly believe that attentive parents mold the next generation of strong men and women. Being a home educator gives us the advantage to enlarge our children's vision and generate a heart of submission to the will of the Father. Now that you've heard my story, I'd love to hear yours. If you would like to share with Walk Light how you began the home school journey, please email us a brief testimony in the message box above.

May Christ Jesus continue to strengthen the bond of your unity,

Ashanda Niya McCants 

missionary minded...

*Offer extended only to missionaries working outside of the U.S.

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Walk Light Books


-Holme Days: Bitter Bites Paperback (Available September 2016)- $11.95 + shipping.)

-Holme Days: Bitter Bites E-book (Available for digital download Summer 2016)- $5.99

*Book orders available through Summer 2016.

...Then share 


Spread the word about Holme Days: Bitter Bites to your Home school group. For group purchases of 20 or more copies, you will qualify for a $1.00 off discount per book! Orders over 25 copies qualify for free shipping!

To take advantage of this special offer, please include the name of your Home school group, City & State and the amount of books you would like to order in the message box. We look forward to hearing from you! 

My family and I have a special heart for missionaries. We believe in a global vision for spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For that reason, we have an even more special place in our hearts for missionary home-school families. If you are a missionary family and are interested in purchasing a copy of Holme Days: Bitter Bites, we would like to extend a special discount to you. Please indicate in the Message Box, who you are and where you serve (unless that information is sensitive) to receive $1..00 off of your purchase.

Thank you for all that you do to further the Kingdom of God!